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The versatile landscapes of Valkeakoski offer experiences every day, all year round. Admire the subtle blossom of liverworts in springtime on the old forest of Mettivuori or follow the migration of birds from the bird observation tower of Lake Vallonjärvi.

Valkeakoski boasts many easily accessible paths and trails, whether you want to take a stroll in the parks, in the forest or on the lakeside. The 3,3 kilometre Apia bay walk across the pedestrian bridges is lit and follows the waterside. You can also take in the nature in Valkeakoski on foot. Hiking, backpacking and orienteering are popular pastimes here. For those enjoying mountain biking there are several trails of varied lengths in the region.

Duckboards at Vallonjärvi nature path

Nature paths

Enjoy from a diverse nature in Valkeakoski! You'll find four different nature paths in Valkeakoski area which leghts vary from 1 to 2,2 kilometres.

Nainen ja poika katselevat maisemaa Rapolanharjun näköalatasanteella

The Rapola Ridge

The Rapola ridge is one of the most important prehistoric hill forts in Finland, which were in use at least during the period 800 - 1250 AD.

naiset kävelevät Riippusiltojen lenkillä

Outdoor and biking routes

There are easily reachable exercise trails and ski trails in winter for many purposes.

Järvimaisema Valmarinniemessä

Valmarinniemi Recreational Area

Refresh yourself by hiking in the forest, enjoy the fresh air and afterwards get cozy by the campfire. Welcome to Valmarinniemi Recreational area!