The children are playing with balls in the gymnasium.

Early childhood education and preschool

Early childhood education encompasses a systematic and purposeful combination of upbringing, teaching, and care, with a particular emphasis on early childhood pedagogy.

Welcome to early childhood education and preschool!

In Valkeakoski, early childhood education is provided in daycare centers, family daycare, and through open club and play activities. Early childhood education is available according to the needs of children and families. Every child under school age has the right to early childhood education after parental leave.

In Valkeakoski, you can choose an early childhood education place for your child from the city’s daycare centers or family daycare. In addition to municipal early childhood education, parents have the option to choose private early childhood education in private daycare centers or family daycare.

One year before the start of compulsory education, a child has the right to free preschool education. It is the guardian’s responsibility to ensure that the child participates in preschool education or other activities that achieve the objectives of preschool education during the year preceding the start of compulsory education. In Valkeakoski, preschool education is organized by early childhood education.

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