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Traffic connections

Valkeakoski is located in the province of Western Finland and situated 35 km from the major city of Tampere.

The nearest inland port is in the centre of Valkeakoski and the nearest seaport in Helsinki or Turku (distance from Valkeakoski 145 km). The closest airport is in Pirkkala (40 km) and the railway station in Toijala (20 km).

Nysse (Tampere regional transport)

Tampere regional transport is called Nysse and you can travel within Valkeakoski or from Valkeakoski to Tampere using Nysse buses. You can take the bus to Tampere once or twice every hour and the trip takes about 35-45 minutes. You can see the ticket prices, the bus routes and timetables on the Nysse website. You can purchase travel tickets using the Nysse mobile application or from the bus driver using a debit card.

ExpressBus and V130

You can also use the ExpressBus or line V130 to travel between Valkeakoski – Helsinki and Valkeakoski – Tampere. The Express bus and V130 route Tampere – Helsinki goes through Valkeakoski and in less than two hours you will arrive to the capital city of Finland. You can see the ticket prices and timetables on Matkahuolto website and you can buy tickets online or from the bus driver using cash or a debit card.

VAU traffic

VAU traffic buses operate between Valkeakoski, Akaa and Urjala. You can purchase VAU traffic tickets using Matkahuolto’s routes and tickets application. You can also buy one-time bus tickets from the bus driver using cash or a debit card.

VAU traffic is planned in a way that onward connections to trains work as well as possible. In Viiala, interchange stops have been implemented at the train stop on Rautatienkatu. In Toijala, the final stop is at the train station. VR single, series and season tickets are available for train transport and the tickets can be purchased online or using the VR Matkalla mobile application.

In Viiala, the changes take place to commuter R or M trains. In Toijala, the changes usually take place for long-distance trains. Between Tampere and Viiala, the ticket price is the same on all commuter trains. The price of single tickets between Toijala and Helsinki may vary depending on the train type and demand.

Railway stations

The nearest railway stations to Valkeakoski can be found in Toijala and Tampere. National Railway operator in Finland, VR is offering a vast choice of modern trains connecting over 200 rail stations. You can purchase VR train tickets online or using the VR Matkalla mobile application.


The closest airport to Valkeakoski is located in Pirkkala and the second closest is in Helsinki. You can travel from Pirkkala airport to Valkeakoski using Nysse buses or by car.

An easy way to travel from Helsinki airport to Valkeakoski is to use a line V130 bus which departs from Helsinki Airport’s travel centre and arrives at Valkeakoski bus station. From the arrivals hall of Helsinki-Vantaa airport, you can also walk to the airport train station and travel by train to either Toijala or Tampere train stations. After that you can continue your journey to Valkeakoski using Nysse or VAU buses.

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