Children going to school with backpacks on their backs.

Basic education

Primary and lower secondary education is provided in comprehensive schools.

The city of Valkeakoski provides basic education in Finnish in four comprehensive schools: Roukon yhtenäiskoulu (primary and lower secondary levels), Sorrilan yhtenäiskoulu (primary and lower secondary levels), Kärjenniemen koulu (primary level) and Sääksmäen koulu (primary level). Schooling is compulsory for every child with permanent residency in Finland and it is provided free of charge. Compulsory education begins in the year when a child becomes seven years old.

Apart from basic education, we provide preparatory instruction for basic education for immigrants in Roukko and Sorrila schools. In basic education as well as in preparatory education for immigrants all the learning materials and school lunch are provided free of charge.

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