Valkeakoski Upper Secondary School


Valkeakoski offers high-quality and versatile educational services from early childhood education to lifelong learning.

There are several day care centres and schools for basic education in various parts of the town.  There is also an upper secondary school that offers both a general curriculum and a curriculum for adult education.

Valkeakoski Campus with its several educational institutions offers an exceptionally broad and innovative learning environment. Tietotie upper secondary school, HAMK University of Applied Sciences and Valkeakoski Vocational College operate within the compact campus area.

Valkeakoski Lifelong Learning Centre offers possibilities for various kinds of lifelong learning. The curriculum includes hundreds of courses ranging from foreign languages to handicrafts and from art to information technology as well as public lectures and events. In addition to liberal adult education, the Centre hosts a dance school and a theatre school for children and youth.  The town also boasts a music school and an arts and crafts school for children and young people.

Päivölä Folk High School in Sääksmäki is a boarding school offering studies e.g. in mathematics, business, law and foreign languages.

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