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Valkeakoski is an international business town with a wide range of services and good educational opportunities. The strong industrial tradition of the Valkeakoski region is still very much alive, but is now surrounded by new competitive services which are reshaping the region’s economic structure and creating greater diversity.

Valkeakoski is well known because of the large number of internationally known companies situated in the area, such as UPM, Metso Paper, Bemis, Anpap and Peterson Packaging.

Valkeakoski - International Business Town

  • Vibrant town with well-managed finances
  • Industrial background. The first wood processing factories founded in the 1870s.
  • Developed into a modern international industrial city
  • Various industrial and service-based companies
  • Special knowledge in the paper, plastic and metal industries
  • The town of Valkeakoski and its neighbouring areas have a population of nearly 43,000.
  • Within a 150 km radius of the town, the population exceeds 2 million.

If you have any queries related to investments and business operations, please contact us and we will tailor services to your needs.

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