Kauppilanmäki open air Museum 

Rinnekatu 5 
Tel.+358 40 563 6017

The Kauppilanmäki open-air museum is situated a few hundred metres to the south of the canal.  There are five houses that illustrate the way paper workers lived from late 19th century to the early 20th century. There are  also a Workers' Hall, a genuine smoke sauna, a carriage shed and storage houses. Changing exhibitions, work shows and various events and performances are arranged on the premises.  Open during summer time.

The Tradition Room  

Päivölä Folk High School
Päivölänrinne 52, Tarttila
Tel. +358  3 233 2200

The Tradition Room displays wartime material, collected by the Valkeakoski-Sääksmäki War Veterans Association, i.e. hobby crafts, military uniforms, letters, photos, medals and picture postcards. Open to groups by agreement. 

Myllysaari Museum 

Kanavaranta 3, 37600 Valkeakoski
Tel. +358 3 571 8100
myllysaari @ valkeakoski.fi 

The old factory buildings by the canal at Myllysaari host two museums in a historical industrial environment.

The Football Museum of Finland

More than one hundred years of Finnish football are exhibited in form of objects and pictures, garments, prizes and souvenirs. 

Rapola Ridge 

The Rapola ridge, situated in Sääksmäki, a junction of the ancient Häme waterways, is one of the most valued cultural sites in Finland.  In addition to the remnants of Finland´s largest ancient hill fort, built some thousand years ago, the area boasts remnants of prehistoric dwellings, cemeteries, sacrificial stones and an ancient grain field. There is a guided path through the hill fort beginning at the car park of  Voipaala manor.

Guiding from 50 €/ group. 

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Sääksmäki Local Museum 

Next to the Sääksmäki Church
Tel. +358 500 891 178 
Ancient Finnish rustic utensils. 
Open according to agreement. Free entrance.


Sääksmäentie 825,
Tel. +358 40 715 4160

The garden cafe Tervapääsky is situated on the premises of an idyllic villa opposite Sääksmäki church. The villa was built in the national romantic style in 1913 by a teacher of natural science and an independence activist Thorsten Renvall. It is believed that the villa was designed by a friend of the family, the famous architect Lars Sonck. Open 22.6.–28.7.2019 Tue - Sun at 11 am – 5 pm (Monday closed).


Visavuorentie 80, FIN-37770 Tarttila
Tel. +358 3 543 6528
info @ visavuori.com

Situated on the shore of the Lake Vanajavesi, near the magnificent Sääksmäki suspension bridge.  Visavuori is a museum entity comprising the Home and Atelier Museum of the artist Emil Wikström and the Kari-Pavilion exhibiting the works of Wikström's grandson, the artist Kari Suomalainen. Known simply as Kari, he was the most famous cartoonist in Finland. The atelier also houses a small winter garden, an organ and an observatory.  Open all year round.

Voipaala Art Center 

Sääksmäentie 772
Tel. +358 40 335 7071
voipaala @ valkeakoski.fi

Voipaala, situated at the foot of the Rapola Ridge, was transformed from a village into a manor in the 17th century.  The mansion is set in a two hundred-year-old baroque park. The main building  of Voipaala Manor, completed in 1912, today houses an art centre.  The Sääksmäki library with its extensive collection of poetry is also located here. Open all year round. 

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