Coronavirus - COVID 19, information and instructions

What to do if you are experiencing flu symptoms or suspect a corona virus infection

If you are experiencing symptoms of flu (coughing, runny nose, sore throat, fever) or have questions related to the corona virus, contact:

  • Valkeakoski health centre corona virus advice
    (8 am – 4 pm on weekdays): 040 335 6880 or 03 5691 7600.
  • Tays corona virus advice: 03 311 65333.
  • For children during on-duty hours (weekdays 14 pm – 7 am, weekends and holidays round the clock), call TAYS: 03 311 63345.
  • National corona virus advice: 0295 535 535.
  • Click here to access the Coronabot (Instructions and advice on corona related matters offered by the Health Village website).

The advisory hotlines may have queues, so please be patient.

If you suspect that you have contracted the corona virus, you can ask for instructions from the advisory hotlines. A nurse will answer your call and examine whether there is reason to suspect a corona virus infection.

Patients in relatively good condition are advised to use the website and other online resources provided by public officials as much as possible.

If you are experiencing mild symptoms of respiratory illness such as cough, sore throat, muscle soreness or fever, please rest and recover at home. Stay at home until the symptoms are completely gone.

The Valkeakoski Health Center hosts a separate respiratory infection clinic in the facilities of the care and rehabilitation department Hoiku (Hoiva- ja kuntoutusyksikkö). The address is Kirkkotie 8.

  • The clinic accepts patients only by appointment
    -> Call (8 am – 4 pm on weekdays) 040 335 6880 or 03 5691 7600
  • Patients are taken in one at a time, in order to secure the appropriate protective measures and hygiene.

Due to the corona virus situation, patients with respiratory symptoms will not be admitted in the health centre reception in order to protect other patients and health care staff.

Do not call the general emergency number or the emergency room unless you are in urgent need for care.
The aim is to assure that patients with serious symptoms receive care.
Please contact health care officials only if you have serious symptoms such as severe shortness of breath or your overall condition is deteriorating.
Always call first, in order to prevent the virus from spreading
TAYS Valkeakoski (Salonkatu 24): 03 5691 7596
General emergency number: 112 (only for cases that require urgent care).

Impact of the corona virus on town activities

Social affairs and health services

According to the nation-wide guidelines, the town aims to protect its senior citizens from the virus in every way possible. Therefore, there is a visitation ban to the health centre hospital as well as to the homes and daytime activities of senior and handicapped citizens.

Visitation to maternity clinics, physical therapy, mental hospitals, memory clinics and dental care centers is prohibited for people experiencing respiratory symptoms.

Non-urgent dental appointments for people experiencing respiratory symptoms will be rescheduled for when the symptoms are gone. Semi-urgent appointments, e.g. repairing a broken tooth or a dental filling, will also be rescheduled. In addition, the dental care centre is currently unable to take in new check-up appointments.

Customers are asked to contact the clinic in June to schedule new check-up times.

Senior citizens

An advisory hotline for senior citizens 040 335 7416 is open during office hours. This number provides assistance for example in issues like grocery shopping.

For health related questions, you can directly contact the nurse designated to you by the health centre or call 03-56917600 at 8.15-10 am and 1-2 pm.

Schools and early education

In primary education, the following exceptions apply: Voluntary contact teaching is organized for all students in grades 1-3. However, the national government advises all students also in grades1-3 to attend remote learning if family conditions allow.

For questions regarding remote learning, the primary contact person is the class teacher.

Kindergartens remain open. Based on the guidelines set by the national government, early education units and pre-school teaching continues. The government recommends that children are cared for at home until 13 May 2020 if possible.

Culture, sports and recreation

Municipal sports facilities, including the swimming hall, ice rink, and school gyms, are closed. In addition, all group activities held by the municipality are cancelled.

The municipal library, theatre and Voipaala arts centre are closed.

All group activities of the youth centres are cancelled until further notice.

Courses and events hosted by the Valkeakoski lifelong learning center and the Music school are cancelled.

Municipal recreational spaces cannot be rented until further notice. Current reservations are cancelled.

Market square activity is paused until further notice.

Administration and other activities

The doors of the town hall are closed. Customer service takes place primarily via telephone or email. Appointments must be arranged separately.

Customer service of the technical centre at Varsanhäntä takes place primarily via telephone or email. Appointments must be arranged separately.

Other basic services arranged by the municipality continue as normal. Customer service is limited partly to telephone and email or in some cases arranged by appointment.

According to the Finnish Government, all public events for over 10 people are either cancelled or conducted remotely. The town complies with these orders. The municipal political entities (e.g. municipal council and committees) continue to operate.