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Sääksmäki stone church

The Church Of Valkeakoski 

Kirkkotie 1, FIN-37600 Valkeakoski
Tel.+358 40 804 8856, +358 40 804 8854
The last of the 14 churches  designed by architect Veikko Larkas, the church was completed in 1969. The big stained glass windows show the touch of well-known artist Mikko Vuorinen. Closed for during renovation.

The Chapel Church Of Valkeakoski
Kangaskatu 4, FIN-37600 Valkeakoski
Tel. +358 40 804 8856, +358 40 804 8854
The small chapel, designed by architect Pekka Saarema, was built beside the cemetery in 1958. Mikko Vuorinen designed the stained glass windows in the gables.  The church is used for funerals and vespers. Open according to agreement.

The Metsäkansa Village Church
Aaltosentie, FIN-37850 Metsäkansa
Tel. +358 40 804 8856, +358 40 804 8854
A church designed by Jaakko Tähtinen, built and donated to his home village by industrialist Emil Aaltonen in 1938.  He also donated the church organ, altar piece and the chimes.
Open according to agreement.

The Orthodox Prayer House Tsasouna
Kalmistonkatu, FIN-37600 Valkeakoski
Tel. +358 400 924 124 
The serene log building is a proper Karelian village tsasouna, designed by Esko Aro for the Tampere Orthodox Congregation in 1953. Open according to agreement.

Sääksmäki Stone Church
Kirkkovainiontie 10, 37700 Sääksmäki
Tel.+358 40 804 8856, +358 40 804 8854
The Sääksmäki stone church was built at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries. It burnt down in 1929, and was consecrated in 1933. It was restored during the years 1998-1999. The stained glass windows and the paintings in the ceiling were done by well-known local artist Kalle Carlstedt, and the relief by another local artist Aukusti Veuro. There are two old sculptures of saints: St. Olaf, 14 th century, and St. James, 15 th century.
Open: As a Travellers´ Church June 12 to August 11 weekdays from 10 am - 6 pm. Other times in summer (May 15 to September 10) 10 am - 6 pm.

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