Valmarinniemi is situated on the shore of the Lake Mallasvesi, about 5 km from the city centre towards Pälkäne. There is a very good connection on the light traffic way (from Centre via Sointula and Kärsä). The nature path starts from the parking place at Valmarinniemi and circles both Valmarinniemi peninsula and the small islands of Palunen and Riuttasaari.

Towards the end of the 19 th century the owner family at that time, the Costianders  built a hunting cabin at Valmarinniemi, now called  Mallasmaja, in 1890. A well-known man, V. A. Koskimies bought Valmarinniemi as his summer home. Soon after that the villa Illanpirtti was erected on the highest point of the peninsula. In this house Koskimies had his study, among others. In the beginning of the 20 th century Valmarinniemi was a very prominent home, where many  important cultural personalities in Finland visited. Among frequent visitors were Eino Leino and his brother Kasimir, Larin-Kyösti and Teuvo Pakkala.

After Koskimies had sold the villa in the 1920s it was forgotten for decades. The City of Valkeakoski bought Valmarinniemi together with the adjoining islands as a recreation area for the personnel and for different associations. However, all inhabitants of the City of Valkeakoski have the right to use the nature path and the nearby islands for recreation.

Valmarinniemi and the surrounding nature are very diversified. The 1.3 km long nature path offers beautiful landscapes, groves, shore and lake nature, forest and culture. There are 13 boards with topics like the vegetation and bird life of the area, the fungi that rot wood, the impact of pollution on the vegetation, ants, muskrats, and the history of Valmarinniemi. In order to serve foreign visitors the boards also contain English texts. The path is easy to walk, but as shore areas in general, it tends to be wet. Thus in spring and autumn rubber boots may be useful.

Owned by the city of Valkeakoski, the Valmarinniemi area with its adjoining small islands offers good possibilities for recreation.

The equipment on the islands

To Palunen and to Riuttasaari one can walk across a pedestrian bridge from Valmarinniemi. On the neck of land between the two islands there are a cooking shelter and a swimming beach. Further away on Riuttasaari there are two campfire sites and an earth closet. A nature path circles in the area.
Nature trail guide booklet (pdf, 63 kB)

The services on the islands of Pikkusaari, Viitasaari, Päärholminsaari and Huhtasaari are available to the boating tourists. On Pikkusaari and Viitasaari there are campfire sites and earth closets. On Päärholminsaari and Huhtasaari there are also cooking shelters.

Near the campfire sites there should always be wood for the fire. When lighting the fire an axe might be useful for making kindling. Please be careful when approaching the shore, because they are quite rocky.

Instructions for the users of the area

  • Lighting a fire is permitted only in the cooking shelters and the campfire sites inside the ring of stones. During forest fire warnings only in the cooking shelter fireplaces can be used. 
  • Tents are allowed only temporarily, for two days at the most. When putting up a tent, do so on an adequate distance from both equipment and paths. 

  • The camping site and facilities must be left at least in such condition as they were on arrival. The dustbins may be used. 

  • Plucking berries and mushrooms is allowed in the area. Leave the flowers and plants to bring joy of all those who hike in the area.

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