Plenty of trails for sport and leisure

There are easily reachable exercise trails and ski trails in winter for many purposes. Guided nature paths give you an opportunity to get to know  the surroundings and sceneries. 

Fitness paths and ski trails

Korkeakangas Skiing Centre, various tracks 1–10 km, partly lit. 1.2 km artificial snow track from October – November.
Starting point: Veikko Hakulisen tie, Tel. + 358 40 335 6814

Roukko skiing area, various tracks and trails 1–23 km, shorter 1–7 km tracks are lit.
Starting point: Salomaantie, Tel. +35 40 335 6814

Pirkan taival trails, various trails 9–32 km, part of a regional trail network.
Starting point: Roukko.

Kauppilanmäki recreational path, 1.2 km. Starting point: Kauppilankatu.

Lotila path, recreational path 7 km around lake Lotila. 

Kärjenniemi recreational path, 1 km. Starting point: Kärjenniemi school.

Apia bay walking route, recreational path 3.3 km around Apia bay: 

Nature paths

Mettivuori nature conservation area, guided nature path 1 km.
Starting point: Veikko Hakulisen tie, Korkeakangas ski centre

Rapola hill, guided 1.6 km historical path and nature path 4 km.
Starting point: Sääksmäentie 772

Lake Vallonjärvi, guided nature path 2.2 km and bird watch tower.
Starting point: Tavaksentie

Valmarinniemi, nature path 1.3 km, fireplace and lean-to.
Starting point: Valmarintie


The waterways of lakes Vanajavesi and Mallasvesi surrounding Valkeakoski
create a great setting for canoeing and other lake activities.
Lake Längelmävesi route, Längelmävesi–Roine–Mallasvesi–Vanajavesi,
1–3 days of easy to moderate lake canoeing.
Lakes Pälkänevesi–Mallasvesi route, 1 day of easy lake canoeing.
The lakes are situated at the same altitude and joined by Kostianvirta stream

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