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Enjoy your time in Valkeakoski!

Voipaala Art Centre

Sääksmäentie 772, Sääksmäki
Tel. +358 40 335 7071

Voipaala, situated at the foot of Rapola ridge, was transformed from a village into manor in the 17th century. The manor house is set in a 200-year-old baroque park. Today the main building, completed in 1912, is home to the Voipaala Art Center. There are changing exchibitions in the main building as well as in the galleries located in the smaller buildings throughout the year. Voipaala is a versatile cultural centre for the whole family!

Children's Adventure Park

Apia public park,
Tel. +358 40 335 7751
Children's Adventure park is situated only a short walk away from the city center and it offers much more than most playgrounds. The kids can splash around in shallow lagoons, play in the bastions and towers, and climb on other safe play apparatus. Take a lunch bag with you and spend a nice summer day with the kids in the Children's Adventure Park!

The park is open in the summertime 9 am - 8 pm. N.B. Next to the Children's Adventure Park is summer theater. Ticket sales starts an hour before the display and the park will be closed. Summer theater timetable.

For more information Tel.+ 358 40 335 6512, matkailu at.gif : 1 kB

Children's Traffic Playpark

Tallikatu 2 ,
Tel. +358 40 335 6356

The traffic park is an excellent place for children to learn about real life traffic by practicing with pedal cars and bicycles. For children under 12 years. Free entrance.

Open from 6th May - 13th September 2019   
Mon - Wed noon to 6 pm
Thue - Fri 10 am - 4 pm

Horseback Riding

Haapamäen Talli Oy
Vanha Rutajärventie 75, Tel. +358 40 724 3531 

Ilolan ratsutalli
Vedentaantie 30, Tel. +358 3 588 9227

Ratsastustalli Eurotalli Oy,
Pyörönmaantie 500, Tel. +358 400 779 177 

Ratsastuskoulu SS-talli Oy
Kapakanmäki 22,  Tel. +358 3 543 6279

Kärjenniementie 60, Kärjenniemi 
Tel. +358 50 327 6397

Home farms

Ilola Tourist Farm
Vedentaantie 30
, Metsäkansa
Tel. +358 3 588 9227

Open daily 1.6.-15.8. from 10 am to 4 pm. Entry: 4 € / person
Children have a chance to get acquainted with a variety of farm animals at the Ilola Tourist farm. A play area and a trampoline available.

Tuomarlan tila, Taikaponit
Kärjenniementie 60, Kärjenniemi
Tel. +358 50 327 6397

Open sundays 1.5.-31.7. from 12 pm to 4 pm. Free entry.
Horses, ponies, chickens, ducks, goats, sheeps, cats and dogs. Enjoy your time with animals at the beautiful natural surroundings. 


Kauppilanmäki Open-air Museum
Kauppilankatu 13
Tel. +358 40 563 6017

The Kauppilanmäki open-air museum is located a few hundred metres from Myllysaari museum, on the southern side of the canal. There are five houses that illustrate the lives of paper mill workers from the late 19 th century to the early 20 th century. The area also houses a Workers' Hall, a smoke sauna, a carriage shed and storage houses. Various events and performances are arranged on the premises on summer Sundays.

Myllysaaren museo
Kanavanranta 3
Kanavanranta 3
Tel. +358 3 571 8100

Myllysaari museum is located in the centre of Valkeakoski, between two lakes, Mallasvesi and Vanajavesi. Myllysaari, translated Mill Island, literally used to be an island whose shores were dotted with grain mills since Middle Ages. Today the old factory buildings are home to Myllysaari museum. The area is a nationally significant cultural environment. Museum houses a permanent and changing exchibitions. In Myllysaari there is The Finnish foorball museum.

Visavuori museum
Visavuorentie 80, Tarttila
Tel. +358 3 543 6528

Situated on the shore of the Lake Vanajavesi, near the magnificent Sääksmäki suspension bridge. Visavuori is a museum entity comprising the Home and Atelier Museum of the artist Emil Wikström and the Kari-Pavilion exhibiting the works of Wikström's grandson, the artist Kari Suomalainen. Known simply as Kari, he was the most famous cartoonist in Finland. The exhibitions follow changing themes. In Wikström's atelier, built during 1903-1912, some 100 statues are exhibited. The atelier also houses a small winter garden, an organ and an observatory.

Recreation Areas and Nature Paths

There are several guided routes and varying landscapes for hikers and nature lovers to choose from. Northward you'll find hilly and rocky country and southward farming country, typical for the province Häme, even rare groves


There are about twenty swimming beaches and an indoor swimming pool.

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