Walking and Jogging Tracks

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Many options for the joy of exercise – stimulating leisure

For hikers many guided routes are offered. Nature shows different landscapes in different areas: in the northern parts hills and rocks, and in the south typical agricultural landscape including rare groves.

- You can start from the market place on the 3.3 km long beautiful and popular   walk across the suspension bridge, around the beach at Apia and alongside the Apianlahti Camping, across yet two more suspension bridges, for pedestrians only, and bypassing the Hotel on the way back to your starting point.

- An eight km route circles the Lake Lotila. 
- Many lit jogging tracks are at Korkeakangas and at Roukko.
- At Roukko starts the 22 km long hiking track to Rutajärvi.

Pirkan taival (Pirkka Trail) 

is a wide provincial system of hiking routes:
- Starting point from Salomaantie road in Eerola
- Eerola – Rutajärvi (9 km) – Taivalpirtti (18 km) – Tampere 32 km
- Further connections around the province of Pirkanmaa, as far as Ähtäri
- Eerola – Kangasala 31 km
- Eerola-Lempäälä 32 km (Birgitta Trail)
- Maps may be fetched from the City Sports Services