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Roukko Fitness Paths

Starting point alongside Salomaantie in Eerola,
on the North side of the city. The paths include: Roukko map

2 and 7 km lit skiing tracks,
5 and 10 km partially lit tracks,
16 km dead end track to Rutajärvi and
23 km track circling the Rutajärvi Lake,
when deep snow is on the ground.

Lit connecting tracks ( x) to Eerola and Roukko.

Skiing country and a jumping hill ( x) along the connecting track, with a joint at Kenraalintie.

All tracks can be used as fitness paths during summer. The lights are switched off at 9.30 pm.

Korkeakangas Skiing Centre

The Korkeakangas Skiing Centre is located a few kilometers south of the city and has:
1-1½ km first snow trail for Noveber to April, 2-5 km demanding competition tracks (height difference max. 56 m) and 1-5 km easier tracks.
Connecting tracks e.g. to Sointula, Kokkola and Juhannusvuori.
Altogether 10 km lit tracks including connecting tracks.
Hiihtomaa for learning how to ski and to test the skis in a test slope.
A shooting site suitable for biathlon or run-and- shoot races, etc.

The lights are switched off at 9.30 pm. Tracks are fit for summer usage, e.g. jogging and cross-country cycling.

Other Fitness Paths

Kauppilanmäki, partly lights, 1.2 km
Kelhi (Sääksmäki), no lights, 750 m
Kerhomaja, no lights, 750 m
Kärjenniemi, lights, 1 km
Tarttila, no lights, 1 km
Ulvaja, no light, 1 km
Uskila, no lights,  1 km

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