New premises

New premises

Since autumn 2009 the school has been located in the new school facilities. The new premises were designed by architect Aarne von Boehm. The core elements of the architectural approach were the current non-graded system, the faculty-based thinking and the campus-like environment. The building features relatively few corridors. The heart of the school is the forum which serves as a gathering place, a living room and an area for independent studying. The classrooms are distributed in four faculty wings: foreign languages, natural sciences and mathematics, humanistic subjects, and last but not least, arts and sports.

All the classrooms have Latin names such as ELIXIR, SYMPHONIA and ATHENAEUM. A substantial collection of art was purchased for the new building. The collection includes pieces of art from various fields: graphics, paintings, video installations and sculptures.

The new school building is generously equipped with the newest teaching technology: every classroom features a computer, a document camera and a digital smart board. Moreover, all the lessons can be recorded on video. The video recording system is a marvellous tool in individual tutoring sessions, revision classes and for absent students.

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Further information

•  Square meters                                                                                           6960
•  Students ca.                                                                                                400
•  Virtual class rooms                                                                                   19
•  Classrooms for art, music, sports and computers                             5
•  Team rooms                                                                                               3
•  Offices                                                                                                          6
•  Teachers’ offices                                                                                       4
•   Meeting rooms                                                                                          2