History in brief

School history in brief

The Upper Secondary School of Valkeakoski (Valkeakosken Tietotien lukio) continues the traditions of the Co-educational School of Valkeakoski (Valkeakosken yhteiskoulu) founded in 1923. Official permission for the first five classes of the Co-educational School (lower secondary school) was granted in 1928 and in 1943 the school was changed into an eight-class secondary school leading to university studies. The first students graduated in spring 1946.

In 1975 the town of Valkeakoski took ownership of the school and a year after in accordance with the Comprehensive School Reform the upper secondary classes of Roukko were incorporated into the Co-educational School of Valkeakoski. The new school was named Valkeakosken lukio. In 1982 the course-based curriculum was established and since 1995 upper secondary school teaching has been organised in a non-graded form.

During nearly its entire history the upper secondary school has been located by the beautiful stream of Apia in the town centre. The school building was built in four different periods of time between 1937 and 1967. According to the decision of the City Council the school will no longer serve in its premises. Since autumn 2009 the school has been located in the new school facilities, a few kilometres north of the town centre. The Upper Secondary School is now part of Campus Valkeakoski, which already includes Häme Applied University and Valkeakoski Vocational Institute. The name of the school was changed again in the process of establishing the new premises. Since then the name has been Valkeakosken Tietotien lukio. The word Tietotie means the road of knowledge, thus conveying our mission.