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Valtakatu 20, 37600 Valkeakoski
Tel. +358 40 335 7031, +358 40 335 7032 (office)
Telefax: +358 3 5691 8112
E-mail: kirsimarja.kiviruusu @

The Valkeakoski Music School offers basic music training primarily for young people. The aim is to support goal-oriented studies and to take into consideration the special needs of pupils aiming at a career in music. Instruction is part of the national arts curriculum.

Training for adults is usually arranged in periods and is not subsidised by the state. There is also a music-oriented pre-school for very young children. In addition, the Valkeakoski Music School organizes shorter courses during weekends or in the summer and holds concerts throughout the terms.

The school offers instruction in most  western orchestral instruments as well as in singing, playing the kantele (a traditional Finnish harp), the guitar, the accordion and the piano. In addition, the curriculum includes theoretical subjects, music appreciation and history of music. There are also various bands, orchestras, choirs and a band school which pupils can join according to the stage they have reached in their studies.

In addition to Valkeakoski, the Valkeakoski Music School operates in Toijala, Pälkäne and Viiala.  Other neighbouring municipalities can also reserve places for pupils at the school.

Pupils are selected by an entrance exam which is held during the last week of May. Enrolment for the music-oriented pre-school and band school takes place at the end of August.

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