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Valkeakoski public library is one of the PIKI libraries which share a common library management system. Your PIKI library card is valid in any PIKI library across the Pirkanmaa region.

Valkeakoski public library provides books, audiobooks, materials for language courses, videos, DVDs and CD-ROMs as well as a wide range of magazines and newspapers, access to the Internet and various databases. Via PressDisplay you can read hundreds of newspapers from around the world.

Library workstation rules and reservations.

Valkeakoski public library provides fiction in Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Russian, French, Estonian, Spanish and Chinese. If you want to read books in any other language, we can order books for you from the Multilingual Library.Through the inter-library lending service, you can also borrow books from both Finnish and international libraries.

PIKI Net Library

You can browse the library catalogue either at customer workstationsin the library or at home via Internet. The online PIKI net librarycovers the collections of all the PIKI libraries. You need a library card and a four-digit PIN code to login to PIKI net library and renew your loans and make reservations online.

Library Card

You need a library card for borrowing books or other material and reserving customer workstation. In order to get a library card, you have to present your passport or identification card. PIKI library cards from other libraries in the Pirkanmaa region are also valid.

If you lose your library card, please report this immediately to us, because you are responsible for any misuse of the card until a report has been made.


Every time you borrow books or other material, you have to present your library card. The loan period is 28, 14 or 7 days depending on the material you borrow. You can check the due date from the receipt. Borrowed material shall be renewed or returned by the due date free of charge to any Valkeakoski public library unit. Transportation fee of 2 € per item will be charged if the loan is returned to any other PIKI library.

Loans can be renewed up to five times if nobody else has reserved the item. You can renew your loans in the library, by Internet in PIKI net library, or by phoning 040 355 7055. If you want to keep your loans even longer, you must bring them to the library and renew them there. Then you can again renew your loans five times without taking them to the library.

If the item you want has been borrowed out, you can make a reservation. It is also possible to reserve books online. The reservation costs 1 € from our local collections or 2 € transported from other PIKI libraries. Reserving children’s and juvenile books and other items is free of charge.

Some fees and chargeable services (most services are free)

If the material you have borrowed is overdue, the charges are:
- 0.20 € / item /day (maximum fee 9 € per item)
- notification demanding their return 1 € / notice
Replacement of a library card:  2 €
Reservation fees: reserving items from Valkeakoski public library collections is free of charge. If you don't collect your reservation, the fee is 1 €. Reservation fee from another PIKI library to Valkeakoski is 2 €.

Inter-library service:
- from public and university libraries 5 €
- photocopies 2 € + 0.50 € / page
Photocopies and printouts: black and white 0.40 € / page and coloured 0.80 € / page
Plastic bags: 0.30 € / bag
DVDs and CDs (blank discs): 2 € / disc

Lost or damaged library material must be replaced or paid for.

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