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Valkeakoski offers investors high-quality development plots and existing premises for offices as well as manufacturing. In addition to a highly developed infrastructure, these business parks have excellent logistics services and a vibrant operating environment.

Huge business sites are available for any need and prizing is very competitive.

Gate29, or "Pirkanmaan Portti", our latest industrial area located on the highway between Helsinki and Tampere, is our flagship. 

The area of Gate29 houses over 80 hectares of designated industrial lots and has building rights for 40.000 floor square meters.

Gate29 is a perfect choice for a company looking for:

  • a really big lot, even dozens of hectares
  • ideal logistical location
  • visibility to highway E12 Helsinki-Tampere
  • first-class infrastructure

For more information and tailor-made solutions, please, don't hesitate to contact us:

Sara Tuomola, Director of Business Development, 
tel. +358 40 335 6095

Gate29 is a versatile business region of the future in Valkeakoski - in the middle of investing Finland.

Pirkanmaan Portti Gate29

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